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Quality Manufacturing & Welding Solutions

About Us

Junction 623 Inc is a custom manufacturing and welding business located in Leduc County.

Welcome to Junction 623, your one-stop-shop for plasma cutting services, custom welding and prototype design. As a family-owned business with over 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality solutions for our clients.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we provide exceptional craftsmanship and service every step of the way. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we achieve that by providing unparalleled customer service and attention to detail.

We are your go-to partner for any project that requires the highest quality standards, unique designs, and expert welding services.

We are small enough to be grateful for your business and large enough to have the resources to take care of it.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your custom designs.

Welding specialist

Our Specialties

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Junction 623 Inc. specializes in custom design metal fabrication services, including plasma cutting for steel, customized parts, and prototyping. Our experienced team can help bring your ideas to life and create high-quality products. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

  • Cuts a wide variety of metals

  • Delivers accuracies better than 0.008”

  • Most Economical Process

  • Rapid cutting speeds

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting service is one of our most popular offerings, and for good reason.

  • Fast speed

  • Allows for cutting of complex shapes at faster speeds without the need for tooling.

  • Efficient job processing

  • Reliable

  • Cuts varying thicknesses of materials

  • Can cut very narrow widths

  • Cuts both metals and nonmetals


Production Fabrication 
& Welding

At Junction 623 Inc, we specialize in custom metal fabrication solutions for all types of projects. Our team has the expertise and experience to turn even the most challenging ideas into reality. We take pride in our ability to design, fabricate, and install custom solutions that are both efficient and effective. Our passion for craftsmanship and quality shines through in everything we do. Let us show you what we can do with your next project.

Custom Welding

Custom Builds & Repairs

We specialize in custom builds tailored to your needs. Our team of experts will work with you to create a design that fits your specific requirements. We make the process easy and enjoyable by helping you every step of the way, ensuring your custom build is exactly what you envisioned.

Steel Cutting

Cut To Order
Steel Sales

Farewell to full-lengths and minimum requirements! We can cut any quantity of pieces into any size. Whether you need one piece or a thousand, we have all your metal requirements sorted.

Powder Coating

Coating Services

Protect your metal assets from harsh weather conditions and environments with Junction 623 Inc.'s professional protective coating services. We offer a variety of coating types, including powder coating, ceramic coating, industrial coating, and galvanizing. Choose the approach that best fits your needs and start protecting your metal assets.


Welder Testing & Inspection Services

We take care of your structural, pressure & rebar steel inspection at any stage you need our service. Our inspectors will visit your project site and perform the steel inspection as per the project requirements.

Call us today to book  587-545-5678

Concrete Imbeds

Concrete Embedded Items

Embedded metals - are welded constructions that are embedded in concrete or reinforced concrete elements and are made of structural steel.  It can be channels, angles, PSR stud rails, anchor bolts, wet set brackets or various kinds of sheet, flat or shaped steel

BarrelBossQ Logo

Proud Manufacturer of the Original BarrelBoss Products 

BarrelBossQ Grizzly

The Grizzly Drum Smoker

The Grizzly Drum Smoker is the ultimate charcoal cooker made right here in Canada! Featuring an easy-open Boss Access Door, 4 levels of cooking, this smoker will help you create the best tasting BBQ food imaginable. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their BBQ cooking to the next level. With its durable build and user-friendly design, the Grizzly Drum Smoker will help you create delicious BBQ food that will leave your mouth watering.

With access to over 1400 sq inches of accessible cooking space on ALL 4 levels using the Boss Access Door.  We are the ONLY Canadian manufactures that offer an access door on a Drum Smoker.  This is the true APEX predator for everything BBQ! 

BarrelBoss Bug Smoker

Boss Bug Smoker

Introducing the Bug Smoker - the ultimate solution to keep pesky bugs away from your outdoor gatherings. This innovative device uses smoke to repel mosquitoes, black flies, hornets, wasps and other insects, creating a bug-free zone around your patio or backyard. It's easy to use and eco-friendly, as it doesn't require any harmful chemicals or electricity. Say goodbye to bug bites and enjoy your time outdoors with the Bug Smoker.


Simply add cardboard egg cartons or drink trays.  Light the corner of it on fire, place it in your new Bug Smoker, adjust the airflow and let it smoke. 


Your New Bug Smoker is the perfect size for any outdoor occasion and makes the  ideal gift for the person that has everything.

BarrelBoss Wood Fired Pool heater

Have you been looking for a solution to stop the blue lips of swimmers in your pool?  STOP this is the heater for you !

​This Canadian made product has been made with the backyard pool in mind. 


​​Our Barrel Boss Pool Heater is an economical way to truly enjoy your above ground pool during the Canadian seasons. 

How is Does it Work ?? Inside the Barrel, a raging fire will heat the water in the jacket surrounding the firebox. Once the water is heated, the cold pool water is sucked through your existing plumbing which will be connected to the heat exchanger (thru the pump on your pool) producing ..... WARM WATER !

We have made the design as Cost-Effective, Simple and User Friendly as possible so you can FINALLY enjoy your above ground pool. We have personally tested this design as we too, were sick of hearing our kids say " It's Too Cold " Now we have a hard time getting them out !!!!  All you need is dry seasoned fire wood.

This heater will give you a summer of warm fun in your pool - that you can finally enjoy !

Gallery of Projects

Feel Free to contact us about any of these projects

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